The Law Foundation of Ontario's Catalyst program provides core funding for a three-year cycle to leading nonprofit access to justice organizations.

The Catalyst program provides organizations working to advance access to justice in Ontario a unique opportunity to secure time-limited core funding. The program supports organizations with a proven track record of high-quality services to improve their ability to adapt, innovate, and respond to emerging needs.

The Catalyst program provides core funding in a three-year cycle. Successful grantees receive a one-year grant. Based on an annual assessment and approval process, the grant will be renewed for a second and a third year. There is no assurance of ongoing funding beyond the three-year cycle.

Core funding refers to financial support to cover administrative infrastructure, programs, and essential staff. The Foundation understands the importance of providing stable core funding to nonprofit organizations working to provide essential services and fill important gaps in the justice sector.



Before you apply, learn about The Law Foundation of Ontario’s granting programs and our general approach to grantmaking, including who can apply and how.

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Open call for applications

See The Law Foundation of Ontario’s open calls for applications to learn about the granting opportunities you can apply for now.

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20 leading access to justice organizations receive core funding through new Catalyst program

October 31, 2018

Twenty of the province’s leading access to justice organizations received a Catalyst grant from The Law Foundation of Ontario.

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More core funding available for Ontario’s nonprofit justice sector

March 6, 2018

The Foundation’s new Catalyst program is a multi-million dollar program that offers eligible organizations the chance to apply for core funding for a three-year time period.

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