Before you apply, learn about The Law Foundation of Ontario's granting programs and our general approach to grantmaking, including who can apply and how.
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When a Pro Bono Students Canada’s Family Law Project Coordinator at Osgoode Hall, Jin was on-hand to help individuals prepare their family law cases

The Law Foundation of Ontario makes grants to advance access to justice. Grants are made to nonprofit organizations that work to benefit the people of Ontario. We also have a unique fund that provides grants to nonprofit organizations across Canada.

Before you apply, learn about our granting programs and our general grantmaking process.

Granting programs - at-a-glance

Access to Justice Fund
Encourages new and unique project-based initiatives, research, and collaborations from across Canada that support specific legal themes and as directed by the cy-près award received, which is where the fund’s revenue comes from
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Offers three-year cycle core funding to nonprofit organizations that are demonstrating they are advancing access to justice in Ontario
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The Connecting Project
Builds collaborations among community and legal organizations and builds the capacity of trusted intermediaries in order to increase access to legal information and support for linguistic minorities and people in rural and remote areas
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Strengthens the nonprofit justice sector and public interest law through fellowships, articling positions, and scholarships
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Law schools
Supports experiential learning, service to the public, diversity within the profession, and other access to justice initiatives
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Project-grants made every year that facilitate novel and innovative access to justice projects generated by community-based nonprofit organizations
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Granting that allows the Foundation to explore specific strategic priorities, such as data and measuring impact, justice and technology, and trusted intermediaries
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Our approach
Who can apply
What we fund
How and when to apply
How decisions are made
After an application is approved

Open call for applications

See The Law Foundation of Ontario’s open calls for applications to learn about the granting opportunities you can apply for now.

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Grants made

Search The Law Foundation of Ontario’s list of grants made since 2012 that have supported programs and projects to advance access to justice for Ontarians.

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Our work

The Law Foundation of Ontario takes an active and engaging approach to our work in five broad areas to carry out our mandate of advancing access to justice.

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What's new

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2023-2024 Public Interest Articling Fellowship participants

September 14, 2023

Meet the 2023-2024 Public Interest Articling Fellowship participants: Kassandra Neranjan, Emma Partridge, Sarah Gordon, Chantal Larocque, Megan Linaric, Abigail Anderson, Myka Kollmann

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Gerald Chan appointed to The Law Foundation of Ontario Board of Trustees

August 14, 2023

The Law Foundation of Ontario is pleased to announce the appointment of Gerald Chan to its Board of Trustees.

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New partnership with Black Opportunity Fund supports justice-related services for Black communities

July 31, 2023

The Foundation is pleased to be partnering with the Black Opportunity Fund to support its inaugural Criminal Justice granting steam.