Measuring Impacts and Progress Call for Applications

Call for applications information and application form to apply to The Law Foundation of Ontario’s Measuring Impacts and Progress Call for Applications Deadline: November 30, 2018 Grant amounts: Small Grant - up to $25K; Large Grant - $50K to $100K
October 1, 2018

Measuring Impacts and Progress Call for Applications

Applying for a grant: what you need to know


This call is now closed.

The Law Foundation of Ontario invites applications to apply for a Measuring Impacts and Progress grant, through our Strategic granting program.

The purpose of the Measuring Impacts and Progress granting is to support empirical research that will help improve how the justice system serves the people of Ontario. This granting stream highlights the Foundation’s strategic objective of expanding knowledge: “We continually deepen our knowledge of access to justice, including the contribution of community organizations. We are committed to share our knowledge of what is happening and what works”.

The Foundation is aware that several definitions of empirical research/investigations exist. As a general matter, we are looking for research that is based on observed and measured phenomena and derives knowledge from actual experience rather than from theory or belief. Tied into the idea of “empirical research” is the scientific method of working or testing a hypothesis through observation and experiment. Empirical investigations use quantitative data, which is when you analyze numerical data, or qualitative data, which is when you use non-numerical data such as observations and interviews.

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