2016 granting


Aboriginal Legal Services
Access fasdjustice.ca: $89,250
Video to Assist Families of Murdered and Missing Indigenous People and Working Effectively with Indigenous Clients: $72,204

Action Committee on Access to Justice in Civil and Family Matters
Public Education about Access to Justice in Canada: $54,000

Brandon University
Aboriginal and Treaty Rights to Health in Prison: $61,330

British Columbia Law Institute, Canadian Centre for Elder Law Division
Investing with Supported Decision Making: Protecting the Rights of Vulnerable Investors: $100,000

Canadian Foundation for Advancement of Investor Rights (FAIR Canada)
Vulnerable Investor Protective Action and Legal Safe Harbour: $100,000

Canadian Research Institute for Law and the Family
Limited Scope Retainer Assessment Project: $38,400

Child Protection Parent Education Program Committee
Child Protection Parent Education Project Phase 3 – Translation and Printing of Court Based Parent Information Booklet for First Nations Communities: $3,500

Community Legal Education Ontario
Legal Information Online Course for Library Staff: $40,600

Your Money…for the Rest of Your Life!: $97,612

Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa
Indigenous Peer Support Worker: $110,000

Ending Violence Association of British Columbia
Increasing Access to Justice and Safety for Indigenous Women in British Columbia: $41,800

Fondation du Barreau du Quebec
Vulnerable investors and the enforcement of securities laws: $91,723

Fonds d’Aide: $9,600*

Grand Council Treaty #3
Kaakewaaseya Justice Education Program: $200,000

Indian Youth Friendship Society
Indigenous People’s Court: $74,664

Innocence Canada
Indigenous and Other Racialized and Marginalized Peoples’ Legal Needs: $118,840

John Howard Society of Ontario
Intersections at an Impasse: Improving Access to Reasonable and Timely Bail for Youth in Ontario: $100,000

Dare to Dream: $60,000

Matthew House Refugee Reception Services
Mock Refugee Hearing Program: $100,000

MIAG Centre for Diverse Women and Families
Closing the Gap: Building Service Providers’ Legal Capacity to Improve Access to Justice for Immigrants and Refugees: $74,598

OCASI – Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants
Building Capacity within Administrative Tribunals to Improve Access to Justice for Racialized Communities in Ontario: $99,868

Osgoode Hall Law School
Investor Protection Clinic and Living Lab: $98,959

People’s Law School
Justice Theatre: Restorative Justice: $125,000

Pro Bono Ontario
Enhanced Intake, Triage, and Advice for Remote Clients: $29,550

Public Legal Information Association of Newfoundland and Labrador
Newfoundland and Labrador’s Child Protection System: Legal Support for Indigenous Communities: $93,100

Saqijuq – A Change in Wind Direction: $60,000

Small Investor Protection Association: $30,400*

SEED Winnipeg
Group RESP Research & Education Project: $92,500

Social Health and Economic Development Society of Bella Coola
Mid-Coast Indigenous Law Project: $90,070

Union of Ontario Indians
First Nation Access to Justice Toolkit: $100,000

University of Alberta Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
Problem-solving Courts and Protective Factors in the Arctic: An Approach to Integrating Inuit Values and Canadian Criminal Courts to Improve Justice Outcomes for Young Inuit Males: $100,000

University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law, Common Law Section
Refugee Sponsorship Support Program (SSP): $84,500

University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law, Common Law Section
Investor Rights and Corporate Misreporting: Strengthening Remedies: $59,096

University of Toronto, Faculty of Law
Investor Rights and Remedies in Canada: $78,039

Total Access to Justice Fund: $2,779,203

* As directed by terms of cy-près award.


Arab Canadian Lawyers Association
Access to Justice and Arab Canadians in Ontario: $15,000

Association des juristes d’expression française de l’Ontario
Law Day: 2017 $15,000

Between the Lines
Initial Development Phase: $15,000

Black Law Students’ Association of Canada
Annual Conference 2017: $20,000

Canadian Civil Liberties Education Trust
Program Activities 2017: $221,100

Canadian Families and Corrections Network
Parole Information for the Incarcerated and their Families: $24,350

Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network
Access to Supervised Consumption Sites: A Community Consultation to Remove Barriers to an Essential Health Service for People Who Use Drugs: $15,000

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Access to Justice, Procedural Justice, and Fairness in Ontario Review Board Hearings: A Qualitative Study and Therapeutic Jurisprudence Analysis: $94,047

Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation
Making Room, Creating Place: Arts-based Human Rights Legal Education for Sex Workers: $15,000

Centre ontarien de prévention des agression (COPA)
Legal-Ease in Parenting: $15,000

Communication Disabilities Access Canada
Increasing access to justice for people who have speech and language disabilities: $98,894

Community Leadership in Justice Fellowship
Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic: $50,000
Law in Action Within Schools: $50,000
Pro Bono Students Canada: $50,000
University of Toronto: $15,000
University of Toronto, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work: $15,000
University of Western Ontario, Faculty of Law: $50,000
University of Western Ontario, Faculty of Law: $15,000
University of Windsor, Faculty of Law: $15,000

Community Legal Education Ontario
CLEO’s Centre for Research and Innovation: $95,000
Your Legal Rights 2016-2017: $140,000

Conestoga College
Ontario College Libraries: Access to QuickLaw for fourteen college libraries with Law Society accredited paralegal programs: $100,000

Connecting Articling Fellowship 2018-2019
Algoma Community Legal Clinic: $60,000
Community Advocacy & Legal Centre: $60,000
Keewaytinok Native Legal Services: $60,000
Metro Toronto Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic: $60,000
South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario: $60,000
The Legal Clinic: $60,000

Connecting Communities

Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter
Supporting the human rights of migrant sex workers in Toronto: access to legal services and justice: $49,930

Gilbert Centre for Social and Support Services
Navigating Human Rights and the Law for Transgender People in Simcoe Muskoka: $33,100

Nishnawbe-Aski Legal Services Corporation
On the Front Line: Legal Information Training for Frontline Workers Supporting Clients when Interacting with Police or the Legal System: $38,450

Peel Multicultural Council
Learning the Law: Legal information training for frontline community workers in Peel and surrounding areas: $44,546

Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton
The [Dis]placement Project: Supporting New Canadians Encountering Gentrification in Hamilton: $50,000

South-East Grey Support Services
Legal Education for Staff of Agencies Supporting Individuals with Disabilities in Rural Ontario: $38,405

The Table Community Food Centre
Sleep a Night Under My Roof: $16,135

Connecting Legal Interpretation Services
Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic
Connecting Legal Services to Interpretation: Two Online Courses: $27,769

FCJ Refugee Centre
The Relearning Refugee Protection Program: $50,000

Gillian’s Place
Inclusive Access to Justice for Victims of Domestic Violence: $3,500

Innocence Canada
Program Activities January-June 2017: $115,000

Lakehead University, Department of Women’s Studies
Dementia and Human Rights: $15,000
Domestic Violence: New Policing and Community Prevention Approaches: $15,000

Law Commission of Ontario
Program Activities 2016-17: $621,752
Website Redevelopment/Research Papers: $72,379

Law in Action Within Schools
Program Activities 2017-18: $100,000
Summer Job Program 2017: $15,000

Law School Comprehensive Grants 2017-2018
Lakehead University, Faculty of Law: $153,000
Osgoode Hall Law School: $306,000
Queen’s University, Faculty of Law: $254,000
University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law, Civil Law Section ($40,068 carried forward from Comprehensive Grant 2016-17): $193,068
University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law, Common Law Section: $306,000
University of Toronto, Faculty of Law: $254,000
University of Western Ontario, Faculty of Law: $254,000
University of Windsor, Faculty of Law: $254,000

Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence Against Women and Children
A Social Enterprise Innovation Venture: Campus Cultures of Consent E-Courses: $40,000
Ontario Women’s Justice Network Revitalization: $16,740
Program Activities 2016-17: $293,575

Native Law Centre
Support for the Native Law Centre’s mandate: $20,000

Exploration: Determining Legal Education Needs of First Responders Dealing with Hazardous and Radioactive Substances: $9,000

Ontario Justice Education Network
Program Activities 2016-17: $850,000

Osgoode Hall Law School
Design Thinking and Technology: Responding to the Justice Needs of Aboriginal Youth: $54,083

Pro Bono Ontario
Program Activities 2017: $800,000

Pro Bono Students Canada
Program Activities 2016-17: $541,396

Public Interest Articling Fellowship 2017-18
Amnesty International Canada: $69,500
Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic: $69,500
Canadian Centre for International Justice: $69,500
Canadian Civil Liberties Association: $69,500
Innocence Canada: $69,500
Peacebuilders International (Canada): $69,500
Public Interest Advocacy Centre: $69,500

Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre
Youth and the Law Neighbourhood Expansion Initiative: A Community Media Training and Justice Education Strategic Collaboration Project: $37,925

Roy & Ria McMurtry Endowment Fund
Second Chance Scholarship Foundation Inc.: $5,000

Ryerson University
Disseminating Practice-Based Evidence on the Implementation of an Addictions Treatment Court: $15,000

Ryerson University, Legal Innovation Zone (LIZ)
Youth Access to Justice: $50,000

Scadding Court Community Centre
The Talk: Peer education to increase access to mental health supports for young people who are, or are at-risk of being, involved in the criminal justice system: $74,486

Shared Path Consultation Initiative
Planning Together: The Shared Path Consultation Initiative Legal and Educational Resources Development Project: $15,000

The Law Society of Upper Canada
The Action Group on Access to Justice (TAG): $160,000

The Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History
Program Activities 2017: $195,700

The Women’s Centre of Halton
Women’s Centered Legal Clinic: $12,969

Youth Now Canada
Connections for Youth with FASD: $60,000

Total Regular Granting: $8,520,799

Total 2016 granting: $11,300,002