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Growing community support for people with disabilities

October 18, 2022
A group of 5 adults, smiling and sitting in chairs at a workshop

Reach’s project will develop resources and training for frontline workers to enhance their ability to identify legal issues, conduct effective intakes, and facilitate referrals, all centering around the lived experiences of people with disabilities.

Wrapping legal supports in dignity and belonging

A woman with long dark hair and a white sweater packing a suitcase

The Legal Information for Indigenous Youth Aging Out of Care project will provide Indigenous youth with legal information and facilitate connections to community supports.

Upholding the rights of people who are unhoused

A park in the winter with three tents circling around a tall tree with sparse brown leaves

Community Justice Collective, and its partners, are developing and delivering public legal education resources tailored to legal issues faced by unhoused residents.

Developing legal services for the Métis community

October 17, 2022
Three people sit at a wooden table in a bright, plant-filled room

The Métis Nation of Ontario Justice Program provides legal support and education to Métis people through culturally relevant services, legal information and legal resources, justice system navigation, and legal referrals.

Coordinating housing and legal supports

An older man in bed wearing glasses and reading

With an Access to Justice Fund grant, Living Space launched the Access and Diversion project to help the most marginalized members of its communities.

Protecting natural laws and landscapes

A beautiful sunset with the colours blue, purple, and pink on the horizon of a river within Grassy Narrows territory

With a Responsive grant, CELA and ANA are developing a legal toolkit for establishing Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas.

Hip hop artists navigate world of Intellectual Property rights with new toolkit

March 14, 2022

Canadian hip hop artists have a new resource to help safeguard their rights and livelihoods: the Intellectual Property Toolkit for Artists

Adapting to meet women’s urgent legal needs

July 13, 2021
An office worker wearing a protective mask with plexiglass in front of her desk

Like the justice system itself, the pandemic challenged the Criminalization of Women Pro-Bono Program to find new ways of operating.

Expanding to serve LGBTQ2S communities across Ontario

The pandemic allowed The 519 to reimagine what it means to provide access to justice and legal services to LGBTQ2S communities.

A wider role and audience for substantive law training

Looking down at a woman sitting on the floor cross legged with a laptop on her lap

The pandemic helped CLEO to recognize it can play a useful role in substantive law  training across Ontario.


A marriage to make Ontario’s PLEI services stronger

By Nathalie Noel | December 16, 2016

The creation of LawConnect delivers more efficient and holistic legal education and information to service providers and the public.

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JIn Tan

Bringing relief and “real life” legal help to families

By Nathalie Noel | December 16, 2016

Jin and Pro Bono Students Canada are on-hand to help individuals prepare their family law cases

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Seeing the people behind the justice system

By Nathalie Noel | December 16, 2016

Through Level’s Dare to Dream program, Thomas gives young students an inside and inspiring view of the justice system

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Advocating for the rights of young workers

By Nathalie Noel | December 16, 2016

Jenny and the Sudbury Workers Education and Advocacy Centre help workers understand and uphold their rights.

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2015 annual report: Putting people at the heart of justice

By Nathalie Noel | December 16, 2016

Putting people at the heart of justice. That’s both our newly adopted vision statement and the theme of our 2015 annual report. The report gives an overview of the Foundation’s granting highlights, organized in the four broad areas in which…

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Isfahan Merali appointed to Board of Trustees

By Nathalie Noel | September 12, 2016

The Law Foundation of Ontario is pleased to announce the appointment of Isfahan Merali, B.A., LL.B. to its Board of Trustees.

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