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Job posting: Director, Human Resources and Operations

May 17, 2022
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We are looking to complement own senior leadership team with a new Director, Human Resources and Operations.

Sharpening my open smart city lens

April 13, 2022

My fellowship’s focus on citizen agency in a smart city ecosystem coincided with a period of rapid growth for Open North and major developments in smart city and technology communities

Youth an emergent trend of latest community-driven grants

March 14, 2022
Three children laughing and playing in a large lake at sunset

We granted just over $1.3M for 22 new Responsive grants, and youth were an emergent trend of these community-driven projects

Hip hop artists navigate world of Intellectual Property rights with new toolkit

Canadian hip hop artists have a new resource to help safeguard their rights and livelihoods: the Intellectual Property Toolkit for Artists

Danielle Marks joins Class Proceedings Committee

March 13, 2022
Smiling woman with dark curly hair

We’re pleased to announce the appointment of Danielle Marks to the Class Proceedings Committee. Ms Marks is a partner and Chair of the Civil Litigation practice group at SV Law

Job posting: Summer Law Student

March 7, 2022
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We are seeking a Summer Law Student

Job posting: Summer Law Student, Class Proceedings Fund

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We are seeking a Summer Law Student, Class Proceedings Fund

New tip sheet to help prepare a compelling application

March 1, 2022
"Tips to prepare a compelling application" with the numbers 1, 2, 3 and a purple dotted arrow

Applying for a Foundation grant? Download our new new tip sheet to help you prepare a compelling application.

Changing hearts and minds: Elders’ Council receives prestigious justice award

February 1, 2022
Close up of an older woman's hand holding a small artpiece of a beaded turtle and a sacred feather

The Ministry of the Attorney General is thrilled that the Elders’ Council has been recognized with the Guthrie Award

Responsive Call for Applications

January 27, 2022
Low angle view of a group of blurred people walking through open doors

Call for applications information and application form to apply to the Responsive program
Deadline: April 1, 2022, 5:00 p.m.
Grant amounts: up to $100K

Two people with their backs to the camera and one person has their arm in a caring way over the person's shoulder

Responsive grants enable community-focused legal navigation and supports

By Nathalie Noel | December 14, 2022

The Foundation granted over $1.8M to fund 25 Responsive grants in 2022.

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A collage of illustrations showing a family of 3 being helped by a service provider, word bubbles, a booklet and website navigation buttons

National resource guides people through refugee determination process

By Nathalie Noel | December 6, 2022

Kinbrace recently launched My Refugee Claim, a national resource to help refugee claimants navigate Canada’s refugee protection process.

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Job posting: Legal Assistant

By Nathalie Noel | November 29, 2022

We are seeking a Legal Assistant for the Class Proceedings Committee and Fund.

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A woman with long blonde hair, smiling and wearing a white shirt and black blazer

Heather Johnston appointed to Board of Trustees

By Nathalie Noel | November 22, 2022

We’re pleased to announce the appointment of Heather Johnston, CPA, CA, BMath, to our Board of Trustees.

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A woman with shoulder length dark curly hair smiling slightly

Monique Jilesen joins Class Proceedings Committee

By Nathalie Noel | October 27, 2022

We’re pleased to announce the appointment of Monique Jilesen to the Class Proceedings Committee.

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A group of 5 adults, smiling and sitting in chairs at a workshop

Growing community support for people with disabilities

By Nathalie Noel | October 18, 2022

Reach’s project will develop resources and training for frontline workers to enhance their ability to identify legal issues, conduct effective intakes, and facilitate referrals, all centering around the lived experiences of people with disabilities.

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